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Inventive Zone has ecommerce web developers and experts who are endowed with ample skills, have diverse capabilities in building simple sites and managing complex integrations. We will find your company a solution that best fits your online business needs and makes it easier to manage. We help you build a business platform per your ideas, brand or product and are here to help you boost up sales through the strategic innovations.

Design & Development: We implement the responsive designs and powerful tools to make certain the website is optimized for all kinds of devices, especially the mobile phones. This guarantees the best user experience and makes the e-commerce site a success.

Ecommerce solutions: Inventive Zone strives to provide the e-commerce solutions that let your business grow to new heights and harvest high revenues. The talented e-commerce developers from our team deliver the innovative, responsive, and result-oriented e-commerce solutions by making the best use of ecommerce systems.

Expert Support: Our ecommerce experts are always prepared to deliver system integrations, support, and maintenance. Through each stage from design to delivery, our developers, consultants, and experts’ team would make certain that your site performs perfect and you proceed unhindered.

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Feature-Rich Eccommerce

If you run an online store, there are some of the standard eCommerce features that your eCommerce must entail.  The success and growth of an eCommerce site not only depend upon the quality of products offered and the marketing approaches adopted but also on the features a website is offering to its users.

Ecommerce websites are all about features, design, and functionality. When it comes to features of e-commerce websites, it is crucial to know what features do really matter to your success. It is important that the administrative features comply with your business need processes. Inventive Zone offers the standard e-commerce features:

Analytics & Reporting
BOA (Back Office Administration)
Order Management & Catalogue Management
Customer Management & Customer Accounts
Easy-to-use checkout, Payments, and Shipment
Marketing Promotion Strategies

Responsive Layout

Responsive web designs let the users enjoy an optimal shopping experience online nevertheless what device they are using. Responsive eCommerce sites run smoothly by adapting to any viewport’s screen resolution.

Responsive design is still comparatively a new design approach which not all developers have mastered. IntventiveZone’s developers’ team use standard frameworks to create the responsive designs and layouts delivering the most enjoyable view experience among all the device classes.

Using the responsive eCommerce designs, we make sure that your e-commerce website is supported by all types of devices:

Fast & secure Checkouts
Product Image Enhancements
Resolution independence
iOS, Android, Windows phone supported
Clean UI/UX
Dynamic Displays
Customer Accounts

Product Catalog

Make your customers go wow by showcasing your products, categories, and brands. Show all the details of your products and make it easier for your buyers to navigate and find quickly what they need.

As your business flourishes, there is an impulsive necessity to add more product categories. We understand your need and offer custom catalogs where you can put up new products in bulk and accommodate multilevel product categories.

Search Engine Optimization
Catalog of Import and Export Batch
Configurable Products
Controllable Product Reviews
Advanced Pricing Strategy
Support for Special Prices
Google base Integration
Google base Integration
Easy Sorting on Category (such as prize and brand wise)
Tax Rates per product type, customer group, and location
RSS web feed (for customer personalized products and low inventory alerts)

Order Management

Order management system is the answer to the demand for unified shopping experience by the customers. This approach has helped streamline the eCommerce labor by establishing an ecosystem which incorporates everything about taking, filling, and delivering the orders.

There are voluminous significant benefits of an order management system. An effective and centralized order management system allows you to manage the fulfillment of the products and services seamlessly. eCommerce is a landscape where epic fluctuations continue to unfold, this is where a centralized order management system saves you by delivering a customer-centric multichannel experience.

Our order management system services include the following:

View, create, edit and fulfill orders from the admin panel
View Shopping cart & Wishlist
Email notification orders
Create re-orders from admin panel
Split fulfillment by creating multiple invoices, shipments, and credit memos per order
Create orders at call center

Safe Checkout, Payment, and Shipping

Our web store sites offer multiple payment options like PayPal, First data, Google Wallet,, and Stripe, besides encrypted credit cards. We keep personal information of your customers secure and acclaim the whole checkout process safe. And our sites allow one-page checkout with:

Integrated with PayPal, Amazon Payments,, and Google Checkout
Accept Money Order, Online Purchase Orders, and Checks
SSL Security Support (for sensitive transactions and online orders)
Estimates tax and shipping before checkout
Online checkout process includes ‘create account’ option
Expiration applies to Saved Cart
Free shipping functionality
Online Order Tracking option for customers
Categorize shipping by weight and destination of placed orders

Reviews & Ratings

eCommerce review and rating tools are used broadly across the eCommerce industry and are a great approach for building up the trust among the online visitors. Most online customers do read the online reviews which can be a way to provide a number of benefits such as positive promotion and higher Google Ranking.

For building trust and transparency among your regular visitors doesn’t only count on the positive reviews. The negative reviews are equally potential to gain trust because if there were no negative reviews, there would be no flavor of genuineness.

Good and bad reviews both benefit your brand recognition and help you assess your customer-seller relationship more effectively. Good reviews show the credibility of your eCommerce services towards your customers. Staying in good books of your customers leads to good repute of your brand name and is healthy for your business.

Third Party Integrations

This has been in the recent trend that every other web development project involves some 3rd party vendor integration. This collaboration comes along with many incentives such as ensuring the appropriateness of site analytics and marketing metrics, the addition of newest must-have customer features, or incorporating the business applications into your website.

eCommerce partners have proved to be helpful to let sail effortlessly through the large sea of choices in the market. We, InventiveZone, have an extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of the market, we incorporate the third party applications and tools into your website which results in seamless and unifies experience for both the customers and the internal crew.

To automate your business process and make your online business more efficient, we integrate your shopping cart with one or more other enterprise systems that act as the third party. We integrate diverse ERP softwares to enhance your financial management, customer service, and automated order fulfillment.

Analytics & Reporting

With the pace of the growth of your eCommerce company, your site’s user-experience is also changing accordingly. Acquiring more users mean more complexity coming your way which doubles the chance to go wrong. This implies that you need to make smart and data-driven decisions.

Product Performance reports and analytics provide a great insight of your product demand and the revenues it is harvesting for you. Our analytics and reporting services include:

Integration With The Google Analytics
Business Overview
Tax And Sales Reports
Deserted Shopping Cart Reports
Most Viewed Items Reports
Low Stock Products Reports
Most Sold Items Reports
Tags Report (RSS Supported)
Coupon Usage Reports

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