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Whether you intend to do a small or large-scale business, choosing the right type of technology for your business can be tough. As there are too many types of technologies, it is too likely to make a wrong decision which leads to the additional problems. Also, new technologies are being offered at a rapid rate which makes it even trickier to conclude what technology is worth the investment. We are here to share your burden, so let us worry about all the technical work throughout the product development cycle.

Whatever idea of your business you are dwelling on, do not hesitate to share it with Inventive Zone team. You will find us equally excited about your business idea as you. Sharing your passion is our privilege. Introduce your idea of brand or product to us. So we analyze it, understand it and assist you in choosing the right technology that fits best with the subject of your business. We struggle to make your startup business a success through every possible way, offering consulting, designing, programming, and marketing for your brand.

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Co-founder Role

Most startups begin after a bunch of people wants to pursue the same idea they share. Building a new startup is never an easy task.  Finding a right CTO or technical co-founder to make your idea a success is the next thing you need to do, which is easier said than done.

We, Inventive Zone, as technical co-founder take full responsibility for all the technical elements of our client’s business. The particularly talented team at Inventive Zone has a huge knowledge about the needs and specifications of the online businesses and they do their utmost to build your idea into the desired results.

As a technical co-founder, we help you

Bring your product to market in no time
Select a team with the right technical skills
Assess the possible risks
Garner notable capital returns

Development Process

A thought or an idea is the obvious and ultimate basis of any startup. We got you covered everywhere through the whole development process, from the ideation to validation. We come up with a strategic plan to bring your idea to reality.

Startup development is the riskiest part of the PDLC (Product Development Life Cycle). Our developers lay the brilliant strategies for each developmental step. We stand beside our client at every step of business development. As:

We help you understand the feasibility of your product from the technical perspective.
We refine your idea and make a concept out of it.
Set a clear approach to achieve the objectives.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Our comprehensive MVP development program entails all what you need. Our developers build a market-proven business model to reassure your idea before further entering into the product development cycle. This enriches the understanding of the client’s prospect towards the business idea.

Before proceeding any further with your idea, our team uses MVP (minimum viable product) technique for prototyping, and then

Exhibit the prototype to the investors
Consider your feedback
Review, develop and apply further techniques in the wake of your feedback

We help our clients thoroughly understand the possible challenges of the business. MVP is a technique which builds the customer value and allows you to learn about customers invalidated measures.

Deployment Testing

Deployment Testing is a crucial practice to avoid the situations where bugs threaten your production environment. Carrying out this extensive testing would clarify any doubts, on the part of the client, about the quality of the project.

To ensure a better product delivery, we run the product through several tests which let us locate the flaws and find the fitting solutions. This is a sheer technique used by our team and is completed in three phases; pre-deploy, deploy and post-deploy. In each phase, features are tested and retested, bugs are reported and if found any, are then fixed. We continue doing this until no issues are found.

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we will continue to serve the best to our clientele by using on-hand and the newest technological approaches.

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